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SurfBuddies WebMail

SurfBuddies WebMail is a child safe web based email system which is designed to be accessed by any web browser. Your child is provided with his or her own SurfBuddies.NET email account. The SurfBuddies WebMail web site provides the security you desire.

Safe For Kids

With SurfBuddies WebMail your children can safely send and receive email messages with friends, family and organizations you approve. Only those messages from people in the Buddy List will be displayed. SPAM and messages from questionable sources are not an issue. Simply put, if an email is not from a buddy then your child doesn't see it.

SurfBuddies email accounts are protected by a multi level anti-SPAM firewall to eliminate unwanted emails. Our SPAM firewall not only relies on known spammers black lists, but also scans each message for a wide variety of spammers' tricks.

Comfort To Parents

SurfBuddies WebMail is a comfort to parents. Only emails from senders YOU APPROVE can be read by your child. Spam and email from other unsolicited or undesired sources are simply not accessible. There is NO WAY emails from those you have not approved may be read.

Simple & Fun

SurfBuddies WebMail is simple and FUN to use. Kids Love It!!!

Multiple Skin Themes For Even More Fun

SurfBuddies WebMail is skinable! That means that kids can choose the look they like best from various themes. New themes are regularly released for your children's fun.

SurfBuddies WebMail Theme Skin

SurfBuddies Skin. -->



SurfBuddies WebMail Parental Controls

Parental Controls

Buddy List:

SurfBuddies WebMail assures a child's safety through the Buddy List. The Buddy List is a list of parent defined names and email addresses with whom the child can exchange messages. If an email is not from someone on the buddy list, the child CAN NOT READ the message.


Profanity Filter

SurfBuddies WebMail contains a Profanity Filter feature. The Profanity Filter removes offensive words and phrases from the child's email. The filter contains words and phrases which are universally accepted as objectionable and inappropriate for children.

Personal Information Filter

Additional custom words and phrases may be added to the filter. Things such as the child's address, phone number and local dialect curse words may be added to further enhance the child's security. Keep your child even safer on the internet.


Blind Carbon Copy

SurfBuddies WebMail incorporates a Blind Carbon Copy feature. This means that all emails sent or received by a child may be copied to their parent's email address. Should one so desire, a parent can monitor all emails sent by their children. This feature configurable and may be enabled or disabled by the parent.

Malicious Attachment Blocking

SurfBuddies WebMail scans each received message for malicious attachments. It has become increasingly common that email viruses and Trojan Horse programs propagate themselves by sending infecting email messages to others. SurfBuddies WebMail recognizes these infectious attachments and stops them cold.

SurfBuddies Skin.

Mobile Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages to and from cell phones. Of course the text messages are protected by the buddylist and our full compliment of filters.

NEW FEATURE: My Buddy Page!

SurfBuddies Skin.

We have added a brand new feature to SurfBuddies. We call it My Buddy Page. My Buddy Page allows your child to post their very own Personal Web Page which CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED BY PEOPLE YOU APPROVE.

Your child can post their favorite pictures, a description of your last vacation, or whatever they want to share with family and friends. The good news is that ONLY PEOPLE YOU HAVE APPROVED IN THEIR BUDDY LIST CAN VIEW THE PAGE!

Family and friends can post comments on the page so your child can experience the interactions of Social Networking within the safety of the SurfBuddies environment. Of course all text of the My Buddy Page is run through our Personal Information Filter and Profanity Filters.

Control and Alerts: You can choose to enable or disable your child's My Buddy Page. You can also choose to be alerted via email whenever anyone leaves a comment on the page. Finally, you can review all visitors and comments through the Parental Administration web site. Nothing your child does will be done in secret. You have access to all and control of all.

SurfBuddies Email Accounts

SurfBuddies email accounts may be accessed by any POP3/SMTP email client program (iPod, iPad, Outlook, etc.)

SurfBuddies Email Accounts include the following:

SPAM Firewall

SurfBuddies uses a 4 level anti-SPAM protection firewall to eliminate unwanted emails. Our SPAM firewall not only relies on known spammers black lists, but also scans each message for a wide variety of spammers' tricks.

Browser access to send & receive emails

Your child can safely access their email from any browser (SurfBuddies WebMail)

Personal email address

Your child gets their own personal email address in the SurfBuddies.NET domain. For example: yourchildsnickname@ surfbuddies. net

SMTP Authorization

SMTP Authorization protects the account from being hijacked. Only your child can send and receive messages from their account.

Known Spammers Already Blocked

Hundreds of thousands of SPAM sources are preblocked. More work for us, less worry for you . We block additional spammers daily.

SurfBuddies WebMail Demo

Try SurfBuddies WebMail for yourself. The demo will show you what we're all about. To log in use the word " Demo" (without the quotes) as the User Name and all Passwords. You can read emails in the inbox and compose new messages. The demo will not actually send any messages. You can also review the parental controls. Again, any changes you make will not be saved.

Click Here Click Here for the demo to run the SurfBuddies WebMail Demo.


SurfBuddies WebMail pricing is simple. Choose from these plans:

Single Child

1 Month Free Trial -- NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED. After 1 Month You Can Upgrade To A Permanent Account.





Single Child

Do you have just one child? This is the plan for you. 





Two Children

Sign up both kids and save.





Multi Child Discount (up to 5 kids)

For larger families.





Sign up now and within minutes your child will be able to send and receive emails safely!

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