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Here are a few comments we have received from our users and their parents. We have copied their comments exactly as typed so keep in mind that some of these are from younger children. Judge for yourself.

"thanks for your awsome sight its great i can always be safe . my parents didn't want me to get an email cause of the bad stuff i could see but you guys changed that and made my christmas the very best . thankyou all . this is the best sight ever and me and my freinds can email each other without junk mail ." -- M. - New Mexico, USA

"You gyus are great!." -- K. - North Carolina, USA

"Thank you for letting  me onto the internet,and  I'm only 7. I love  surfbuddies webmail.  It easy  and fun. I can't wait to tell my friends." -- R. - New York, USA

"I think surfbuddies is great! " -- N. - London, UK

"I recently set up a Surfbuddies email account for my neice. I think your services are great and it is wonderful that I can filter the email she receives..." -- J. - Florida, USA

"I just wanted to tell you that I really like your email. " -- W. - Ohio, USA

"Just to let you know...I am very impressed with Surfbuddies Email and am VERY pleased with my purchase and the customer support.  Good Job !" -- L. - Alabama, USA

"...[My daughter] figured out how to do the webmail without any assistance. It?s unbelievable. That says a lot about your configuration! " -- L. - Hawaii, USA

"I think you have a great niche product -- very focused, appropriately priced. Most excellent -- you're not trying to be all things to all people." -- T. - Massachusetts, USA